pt spain services

Under the banner of RGS all the consultants, advisors and specialist associates combine to provide a full, comprehensive service guiding the applicants at every step to residency and beyond.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire and or discussed your situation with a RGS consultant and selected Spain, you will be contacted by a Passport to Spain representative who will guide you through the processes. A brief summary of these processes is as follows:

Step 1

  • Explain how the application is processed and indicate the timeframe.
  • Advise on the nature of the application, investment criteria, region of Spain for investment or property purchase.
  • In the case of property acquisition, details of the process, legalities, rental and management options.
  • Full advice and assistance with the bureaucratic process both in the home country and Spain, dealing with the legalities plus any financial and tax issues as relevant.

Step 2

  • Activation of the residency process.
  • The full applicant documentation is filled in and sent to Passport to Spain.
  • A preliminary submission is made to the immigration authorities to validate the case.
  • Visit Spain to initialize the formal application and select investment option.
  • Prepare Powers of Attorney to legal representatives to process the application.
  • Set up bank accounts and establish necessary instructions to implement the investment process.

What sets Passport to Spain apart is the ability to deal with all aspects of the process from start to finish including applying for spouse and family members. Further, renewals of the visa(s) are handled and dealt with at the appropriate time.