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Passport to Spain

Despite the downturn in the Spanish economy caused by the banking crisis, Spain remains a popular choice for tourists and those looking for a base in the sun and increasingly those looking to benefit from the recovery which is now evident.

Passport to Spain

Several hundred thousand foreigners have bought property along the famed “costas” and other inland destinations along whilst, of course, the world famous cities are increasingly popular.

The property market, and with it the support industries, are now showing signs of sustained activity and the new residency visa programme can only serve to fuel this growth.

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Why Choose Us

Investment, whether it be in government Bonds, Spanish companies or property is, therefore, a much more attractive proposition there in the immediate post crisis period. The inward investment in Spain grew by over 100% over the previous year and whilst the economy is recovering from a low point, the structural changes implemented by the government have given confidence to the international markets.

Nonetheless, guidance and qualified professional advice is essential to ensure the viability of whatever investment and RGS through its specialist Spanish advisory teams are uniquely placed to provide comfort and security whilst removing the stress which investing in a foreign territory can create.

Need we say more?

Why Choose Spain

Spain is a vast and diverse country with a rich cultural heritage, a proud and vibrant population and generally a very pleasant climate.

The two cities of Madrid and Barcelona are truly international and rate among the top ten cities of the world (Barcelona regularly tops the tourist popularity chart's).

The choice of areas is almost daunting with the lust green regions of Asturias and Galicia in the North contrasting with the almost arid plans of Seville and Andalucía. Add the mountains of Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees and the several hundred kilometers of Mediterranean coastline and you have a choice to suit all tastes.

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